Giveaway: Black History Month Book Box

With Martin Luther King Jr.'s Birthday (January 15) in the rearview and Black History Month on the horizon, I think now is the perfect time for a GIVEAWAY! 

I love to go deep in February researching books that celebrate the African-American experience. I devote the entire month to reading books exclusively by classic black authors both for myself and to share inside our Monthly Book Club. I cherish meeting new authors and being able to share them with you on Pretty Literate Live (like last year when I introduced you to author Miriyha Davis).

I have been buying books and gathering resources since last Fall in preparation for Black History Month this year - the titles of which I look forward to sharing with you next month! With my mind constantly looking forward to next month, it only made sense to kick off 2023 with a Giveaway that "pays tribute to the generations of African Americans who struggled with adversity to achieve full citizenship in America." (

So that's what we're going to do!

Click here to ENTER TO WIN the Black History Book Box Giveaway and then check back here in February for titles and authors you should be reading for Black History Month...and all year 'round!

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  • I can’t find the entry form for the book giveaway.

    Leah Carpenter

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