For the Love of Libraries

I have become obsessed with libraries.

I shared on Facebook a couple of weeks ago about the public library in Kansas City, Missouri, that based the architecture of their library around their love of books - literally. I mean, LOOK at this -

I have been thinking about libraries ever since. Correction - I have been obsessively thinking about libraries ever since.

I've researched libraries to add to my Bucket List. (Who am I kidding? I literally started a Bucket List so that I could put the libraries that I must see all in one place. And this one in KC, MO is at the tip top of my list!)

I have a renewed regard for all of the Free Little Libraries around my neighborhood and have spent time fantasizing which creative theme I would want mine built around and who I could persuade to build it and when it could be ready and how I could affordably maintain it because obviously hoards of people will stop by each day and fall in love with reading all because of my insanely clever, well-stocked, social media post-worthy Free Little Library. Did I mention I think obsessively sometimes?

I started to use my local library to support my eBook habit, my latest read focusing on - you guessed it! - libraries! (The subject matter is something that caught my attention months ago when I shared this article on the Facebook page about lady librarians on horseback and when someone mentioned The Giver of Stars by Jojo Moyes, I knew I had to read it. Even though there was a wait list thanks to Reese Witherspoon's hearty recommendation, the wait ended up being less than a week. Score!)

At the height of my all-consuming enthusiasm for the library, I even compiled a list of books that we should all read - important books - all revolving around that institution that has preoccupied my thoughts for the better part of two weeks. My plan was to share these life-changing books with you here on the blog TODAY. Just sprinkle titles into the fertile ground of your minds and let them grow and bud in your library-lovin' hearts...until I realized in a moment of clarity that I had only read one of them and was sadly in no position to tell YOU which ones to read.

(By the way, I welcome your suggestions in the comments. In case you haven't heard, I am looking for good library-themed books.)

So, what to do with all the library lovin' I have livin' within me? With Library Lovers Day in the rearview (February 14), National Library Week next month (April 4-10, 2021), and my "preoccupation" with the place lately, I decided to channel my unbridled passion into the new Library Collection to spread the message of library love farther and wider than just myself.

I'm considering it a love letter to my local library. 

Like I said, I have become obsessed with libraries.


*Oh, and I am obliged to let you know I slipped an Amazon affiliate link in this blog. Did you catch it? It means if you choose to buy following the link, I will bank a few cents. Tossing pennies my way will one day get my husband that cup of off-brand coffee in exchange for all of his free I.T. help. So thank you.

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  • I love these stories as well and I read the book called The Book Woman of Troublesome Creek by Kim Michele Richardson you may want to add it to your list unless you read it already

    Amy O'Hala

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