Everything You Need to Know About Banned Books Week

We've been talking about Banned Books Week for a month and now that it is finally {almost!} here we wanted to share Everything You Need to Know About Banned Books Week - What We're Doing, When We're Doing It, and Ways You Can Participate to get the most out of Banned Books Week.

But First...

If you haven't yet, please pause and check out Pretty Literate's Banned Book Box for 2023.

Go ahead. 

I'll wait.

And the reason why I'll wait is because I KNOW the one thing you can do to experience Banned Books Week to the absolute fullest is to set yourself - or a friend, a mentor, your favorite family member, a neighbor, a fellow book club member - up with an unforgettable encounter with classic literature.

That's what the Banned Book Box delivers - a memorable experience with the Most Banned Book in America, a classic that is absolutely a must-read for every Pretty Literate person on the planet. A must-read for YOU.

Don't worry - I'll ship it to you immediately via Priority Mail so there will still be plenty of Banned Books Week left for you to participate in - if you order TODAY.

Now let's get down to the details...

Banned Books Week is October 1-7, 2023 and we have a full week of activities centered around the cause - so much to choose from that I know everyone will be able to find something that hits their sweet spot.

What We're Doing

👉🏽 Pretty Literate will be sharing across all of our social sites Banned Book puzzles, crosswords, word finds, and other fun activities you can easily download or screenshot to play while you wait in line at the grocery store, in the doctor's office, during your lunch break, or before bed - anytime you find yourself with time on your hands! 

bonus: Those downloads and screenshots are an easy way to include others in Banned Books Week. Share to your own social sites, send to your contacts, DM to your best buds, etc...

👉🏽 During Banned Books Week, Pretty Literate LIVE is all about Banned Books Trivia! Whether you know a lot or a little, we're going to have a good time talking about banned (or challenged) classics, so come play along with us.

👉🏽 This year during Banned Books Week, we invite the entire Pretty Literate Community across all of our social sites to participate in a community-wide read-along of the Most Banned Book in America of all time - George Orwell's 1984. We will be sharing thoughtful discussion-starters centered around this controversial title and are eager to read what you have to share about this thought-provoking book. 

note: You do not have to buy the Banned Book Box to participate, but it will help bring the novel to life if you do.

👉🏽 In addition to the puzzles, crosswords, and word finds, we're bringing back Banned Book Bingo this year. See how your experience stacks up against other Pretty Literate people, or see how many titles you've added to your board in the last year. 

bonus: Banned Books Bingo is another easy way to share Banned Books Week with others, so be sure to share your filled-in bingo board to your own social sites, send to your contacts, DM your besties, etc... 

When We're Doing It

Banned Books Week is October 1-7, 2023, and we have something new and different every single day across all of Pretty Literate's social sites, so whether you follow PL on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, or Pinterest, there will be ways to engage.

⏰ Daily during Banned Books Week, we'll be sharing discussion-starters centered around the featured novel in the Banned Book Box - the chillingly prescient 1984 by George Orwell - and invite everyone to join the discussion.

⏰ Oct. 2 at 7 pm Central on Pretty Literate's Facebook page is the LIVE version of Pretty Literate LIVE: the one with Banned Books Week Trivia. Mark your calendars and join us LIVE for that if you can. For those unable to join LIVE, you can catch the replay (and still play along in the comments!) on Facebook or YouTube.

⏰ October 2-7 I will be sharing Banned Books Trivia daily on TikTok, Instagram Reels, Facebook Reels, Pinterest, and YouTube and invite you to check daily to test your own banned book trivia knowledge.

    Ways You Can Participate

    I shared 7 Ways to Participate in Banned Books Week on the Pretty Literate Blog earlier this month. 

    Here's a quick recap (or read those suggestions in their entirety here):

    • Be Social - and don't forget to use the appropriate hashtags.
    • Participate in a read-along of a classic banned book.
    • Give the gift of a classic banned book like this one.
    • Host a classic banned book party - breakfast, lunch, or dinner.
    • Read a classic banned book with your neighborhood book club.
    • Donate classic banned books to LFL's in your area.
    • Wear something to spread the word - even when you're not talking.

    Your Turn

    How are you participating in Banned Books Week this year? Do you have any creative ideas to add to our list? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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