Are You Feeling Clever?

Are you feeling clever?

I COULD share the author and title of our fourth & final Seasonal Book Box of 2022, but then where's the fun in that for a clever person like yourself?

I invite you to perch your proverbial thinking cap atop your brilliant head while you run through this list of thirteen clever clues to reveal the author we're celebrating in this fourth & final book box overflowing with yuletide cheer.


Let's recap

The celebrated author that is featured in our fourth & final Seasonal Book Box -

  • lived in England's Victorian Era.
  • went to work at age 12 in a shoe polish factory.
  • wrote his first novel at age 24.
  • was a philanthropist, focusing on childhood poverty and education.
  • founded a charity where female sex workers could find refuge & learn skills to better their situation.
  • was an animal lover and even wrote his beloved pet raven (yep! raven) into one of his novels.
  • created some of the world's best-known fictional characters.
  • is most famous for a holiday novella that he wrote in just 6 weeks - in which the phrase "Merry Christmas!" was popularized.
  • wrote a holiday tale that has become known as a heart-warming story of festive traditions - though that was not what he initially intended.
  • wrote a total of 15 novels, 5 novellas, and hundreds of short stories and non-fiction articles for publication.
  • popularized over 250 words/phrases in his writings - “flummox,” “humbug,” “butter-fingers,” “scrooge,” and “the creeps,” to name a few.
  • died unexpectedly of a stroke in 1870, leaving his last novel sadly half-finished.
  • was one of the most famous people on the planet at the time of his death.


Find out for sure here.

And if you like what you see, I encourage you to order yours today. I'm shipping them in a couple of weeks so that it will be delivered to your door following the busy Thanksgiving weekend - the perfect time to open a box of holly, jolly goodness.

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Plan now to give yourself a very Merry Christmas later.

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