All About Outlander

We are ALL ABOUT OUTLANDER at Pretty Literate these days!

Why, you may ask? Because the amazing author Diana Gabaldon has finished book 9 in the series and it will {finally!} be released later this year!

The first Outlander novel was published in June 1991. For those doing the quick mental math, that was 30 years ago. THIRTY YEARS!! Thirty years of long droughts between publications because thoroughly researched historical fiction novels take time - time to research, time to weave tales, time to form characters, time get the idea. They take time. And the drought between the last book's publication and the 2021 released novel will have been...get this...SEVEN YEARS.

So yeah, the fans are chomping at the bit to devour Ms. Gabaldon's ninth book in the series. 

And we're taking about it.

A lot.

Last week on Facebook Live (Every Sunday at 5pm Central on the Pretty Literate Facebook Page.) we had a ton of fun talking Outlander and playing some Outlandish Trivia.

Last night we got together for an Outlandish Virtual Book Club and OH MY! The laughter and fun that we enjoyed got me so wired it took me a long time to fall asleep, ye ken!

In case you missed one or the other, grab a pen and paper before you start the video below so that you can play along at home. Consider it a wee sample of the shenanigans we've been up to of late.



How'd you do up against the hard core Outlander fans from the Live? 

Oh, and by the way - Lynda's Mohawk answer pushed her into the trophy-winning #1 spot. But I'm still going to play Oprah and give all three of them a little something extra in their Outlandish Book Box. (The cart is closing soon! Order yours here!)

And you know what? Lynda won the trivia again last night at our Virtual Book Club, just barely passing Robin! Yeah, THAT Robin from the video! She knows her stuff (and has an adorable lap dog, to boot!).

By the way, what question would you have posed to the contestants as a tie-breaker? Post it - along with your own score - in the comments.

Chì mi thu a-rithist, as they say in the Gaelic.


  • Wow that was a fun week and I enjoyed winning both trivia contests very much 😉 Haha! I actually remembered much more than I thought I would- I think it’s because I read those first 3-4 books over and over so much is really imprinted in my memory; I doubt I would do as well with the last books although I have read them at least twice. I am really looking forward to the new book! Thank you for helping our growing community have so much fun and a safe place to talk about something we all have in common- our favorite books!

    Lynda A
  • Sorry I missed the Part 2 of the All things Outlander. Just doing sassenach things over here at the time. I loved doing the live and had a great time. I am super excited to receive my Outlandish book box soon and with the extra prize I tied for second for. Thanks again Ericka @prettyliterate

    Amy O'Hala

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