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You know how your life sometimes just does not seem to be in alignment? No matter what you do, the proverbial pen falls out of your pocket when you bend over to pick something up. You bend back over to pick up the pen, only to accidentally kick it under the corner of your desk/chair. When you finally retrieve the fallen, kicked pen, you bang your head on the corner of the desk/chair as you begin to stand, triggering a migraine that only time and a dark room can cure.

We've all had days (or weeks) like this, right? 

Thankfully, this has not been one of those kinds of weeks. This week began with a bang and then continued the trend through the rest of the week, unfolding in the most agreeable manner.

It all started on Monday morning when two packages arrived in the mail. After having read a classic in January that I knew would be perfect for the second Seasonal Book Box of the year, I had been percolating on the particulars (say that three times fast!) ever since and over the weekend finally began placing orders for some pretty spectacular novel treasures. (Squeals!) 

Imagine my surprise when one of the items I ordered from a maker on Etsy arrived bright and early on Monday morning - not even 48 hours after ordering it! (Y'all, it is PERFECT, and I can already see the future you giddy with gratitude when you see it!)

Next, my attention turned to the larger second box. I was insanely curious to see what was inside, so box cutter in hand, I began to oh-so-carefully cut through the packing tape to discover a shipment of novel treasures that I completely did not expect! For starters, the package contained the products from a collaboration with one of my Monthly Book Club members – a small business owner herself – for a book box that will not ship for months. Secondly, I hadn’t yet received an invoice, so I hadn’t paid for the package of goods (and girl, they are all OH-SO-GOOD!) which was another reason I was so surprised.

Looking back now, I know I shouldn’t have been so surprised. I should have expected something surprising from this maker because that is just who she is. She’s extra, as the kids say these days. She will always go the extra mile. She will always go above and beyond what is expected. She will always want to surprise and delight her customers.

Not only is she easily the most creative person I know, but alongside that creativity is a lot of love and that love seeps into every single item she painstakingly handcrafts for her customers. And I am beside myself to be able to offer her handmade, love-infused items inside an upcoming book box.

Each item is one-of-a-kind, much like its maker.

Each item is handmade and unique.

Each item perfectly pairs with that month’s classic novel.

I’m talking about my friend and fellow collaborator, Heather Qualman. You might remember Heather from this or that or the other. Lately, though, Heather has been blowing us away inside the Monthly Book Club and as a fellow book lover, I thought it was time to let YOU in on our little secret, our ace in the hole, inside the Monthly Book Club. Here it is -

Heather can create any character from any novel with some yarn and a crochet needle.

Heather is basically the MacGyver of the handcrafting world and she combines her tremendous talent with her Affinity for Fiction in her small business.

I know the proof is in the pudding, so here are just a few of Heather’s handmade creations.

Can you guess the characters and/or the novels?

Want to See More?

Simon and I geeked out over a few more of Heather's creations on this week's Pretty Literate Live + we shared a sneak peek at the one we'll be featuring in an upcoming book box. Click here to watch.

Get Creative with Heather

Craving a collaboration with Heather? Create your own unique, one-of-a-kind bookish souvenir by connecting with Heather at Qualman Crochet & Creations.  

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