A List of Lists - 12 Lists of Books to Get You Reading in '21

I'm a sucker for book lists. 

I relied on them for over twenty-five years of home schooling. I consult them when I'm stuck between reads. I enjoy the challenge of completing them. I appreciate the work that someone else puts into them to save me time. 

Last week I shared my own list of "21 Books YOU Should Read in 2021." This week, I want to share "A List of Lists - 12 Lists of Books to Get You Reading in '21."


Goodreads' Listopia is your one-stop reading list shop. If you are looking for just one site that will give you suggestions for literally every genre, Listopia may be for you.

If, however, you tend to feel paralyzed with indecision when there are too many choices (like which shade of white or grey to buy at the paint store), I suggest starting with one of the following lists.

Booklist Queen

If you're responsible for book club picks, the Booklist Queen has the top 21 books to read with your book club in 2021.


Oprah steered me in the right direction for holiday reads this year, so she's earned her spot on this list of lists. Here she shares the most anticipated new releases of 2021 (the first five months, anyway). Seems the global pandemic fanned the flame of a lot of new fiction! 

Brit + Co

This list is a little older, but I'm adding it simply because I'm a fan of reading the book before you see the movie. And my assumption is that you are likely watching more movies these corona days, so before you press PLAY, why not dive into the novel first. The book is always better.

Book Club Chat

Looking for some great new fiction to read in 2021? Book Club Chat has your list of all the best historical fiction, thrillers, mysteries, contemporary fiction, domestic fiction...on one great list.

List Challenges

If you're a connoisseur of the classics like myself, you will love reading through the 99 Classic Books Challenge at the List Challenges site. I am currently s-l-o-w-l-y working my way through this challenge.

The Greatest Books

The interesting thing about this list of must-reads is that an algorithm created the list from books that appeared the most times on "best of all time" lists. Did that make sense? Bonus: You can refine your search by fiction/nonfiction; nationality; and time period! Talk about user-friendly!

Bucket List Journey

I appreciate the conundrum that Annette addresses regarding the reading of the classics - namely that at some point high schools turned the pleasure of reading into the drudgery of homework, which forever tainted the thrill of reading the best authors. She has compiled a list of must-reads for those that were possibly turned off to the classics previously.

The Guardian

Looking to expand your reading palate? Try some of the great titles off this list of the 100 Best Nonfiction Books of All Time. Dale Carnegie's HOW TO WIN FRIENDS AND INFLUENCE PEOPLE was hands-down the best book I read in 2020 (and one I plan to reread in 2021). 

Library Thing

Exercise the problem-solving part of your brain with one of these gems picked by the Mystery Writers of America. (Fingers crossed for my neighborhood book club to pick IN COLD BLOOD by Truman Capote this year.)

Tea and Ink Society

Elsie at the Tea & Ink Society compiled this list of 5 books that made her fall in love with British literature. A very complete-able list if you're looking for a reading goal in 2021. BONUS: She has a printable book journal on her site that you've got to see.

A Year of Reading the World

Just like the list suggests, this list is a list of books representing 196 different countries. All came as book suggestions to the author of this list. Each one is sure to expand your horizons in unexpected ways.


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