A Better Way to Book

What do you think when you hear the phrase "classic literature?"

Chances are you immediately remember high school English class.

Maybe you experienced a flashback involving sweaty palms remembering when you were called upon to share your not-so-brilliant thoughts about a book that you felt no connection to while reading it - if you read it at all.

Maybe you experienced feelings of inadequacy because while your classmates debated the merits of a particular play, you failed to find the relevance in reading it.


Maybe you were one of the lucky ones and English class was where you shone brightest.

Maybe you were eternally grateful to your English teacher for introducing you to some of your best friends, writers who "got you" like S.E. Hinton, Ray Bradbury, or Ernest Hemingway.

Whichever side the scale tipped, chances are you experienced either a superlatively positive or exceptionally negative reaction to the classics owing to the fact that you were either ready to read them...or you weren't.

A Better Way to Book

Each of us approaches reading from our own set of circumstances and that can be for good, or for bad.

I tend to think that we carry our past into our present and allow that to affect our future.

I think that applies to life, in general. And I think that also applies to the books we choose to read...or not to read.

I think the classics easily fall into this category simply by the fact that they are introduced to many of us too early. And not only were we introduced to the classics too early, we also weren't encouraged to connect with the authors and their time, or to the characters they created. Instead, these outstanding works of literature were boiled down to just the facts in order to make the grade.

Like I said, not the best introduction.

But the thing with books (as in a lot of life) is that it is never too late.

A fresh beginning with classic literature is just one turned page away. 

And I want to help get you off on a better footing with the classics. I want to help you find A Better Way to Book.

I want to help you to give yourself the opportunity to fall in love with the characters that have enamored readers for decades and even centuries.

If you are a reader who is reluctant to try to understand the best writers of the past because you didn't "get it" in high school, I want to help you connect with the classics in your current life stage. 

If you're someone who doesn't believe the books from the past have relevance for today, I want to help you prove yourself wrong...by reading them.

Where to Begin

If this resonates with you and you're ready to step up your reading resume, Pretty Literate's Monthly Book Club is for you. It is not a class. It involves no high-brow academia. There will never be a test.

Instead, our Monthly Book Club is an online community where you can connect with classic authors, titles, and other readers just like yourself - one book at a time.

It is a connection to the great writers of the past, authors that transport you to their time and their place, and help you to see their world through their unique perspectives.

It is a connection to fantastic fiction that has stood the test of time, both entertaining and educating generations of readers along the way.

It is a connection to the popular thought and ingrained ideology of bygone days, which help frame the present and illuminate our paths into the future.

It is a connection fostered 100% in a community of readers just like you.

Finding Your Sweet Spot

Pretty Literate offers three different levels of membership within our Monthly Book Club, so whatever your preference, you are sure to find your unique personality's sweet spot within our community. 

  1. The Book Club level is the budget-friendly option we offer for those that have access to a hearty public library system, a well-stocked local bookstore, or prefer to read eBooks. 
  2. The Book Box is our mid-level option designed for the reader that is seeking to grow her personal library, prefers reading physical books, and appreciates the convenience of the book being delivered directly to her door each month
  3. The Gift Box is designed for the reader that wants to expand her personal library, engage her curiosity, and enjoy a little pampering in the process.

Connect with the Classics

We open the Monthly Book Club to a limited number of new members periodically. We do this in order to maintain a close-knit community. And now is one of those times.

If this is speaking to you, I invite you to join us. I invite you to make this one positive change to your reading habits. I invite you to grow your reading resume by one relatable classic in the next thirty days. I invite you to connect with classic authors and titles in a way you didn't realize was possible. I invite you to grow with us.

Learn More 

Pretty Literate's Monthly Book Club is welcoming new members NOW. Help me to help you connect with the classics this Spring over books that have been vetted for decades by Pretty Literate people just like you.

Pulitzer Prize Winners.

Intriguing mysteries.

Exotic settings.

Ready to ship adventures are on the horizon for our community! Don't let this opportunity slip through your fingers.

Learn more about Pretty Literate's Monthly Book Club here.

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