7 Ways to Participate in Banned Books Week

Banned Books Week begins in a little over three weeks (squeals!), and I am on a mission to help you get the most out of it.

Earlier this week on Pretty Literate LIVE, I shared openly that I am living and breathing all things Banned Books Week. My goal is to prepare not only myself, but also the 1300+ people in the entire Pretty Literate Community to participate and get the most out of this unique week for readers.

That's why this week's PL Blog is all about creative ways YOU can partake in Banned Books Week this year. Check out these 7 Ways to Participate in Banned Books Week October 1-7, 2023, and start getting your game plan together for the big event.

Be Social

Share reviews of classics you have read that are frequently challenged or banned on social media using #BannedBooks or #BannedBooksWeek during the weeks leading up to and most especially throughout October 1-7.

Hot Tip: Here's a list of the top 100 books that have been banned or challenged in the last century.


Participate in a read-along of a classic banned book with others so that you can discuss the book, getting more out of it than you would by reading it solo. (Aren't a member of a group? Join us on Pretty Literate's social sites during Banned Books Week and read along to George Orwell's 1984.)

Hot Tip: You don't have to buy our incredible, immersive Banned Book Box to participate! Source your own copy of 1984 if you prefer and join us for a community-wide read-along October 1-7, 2023.


Treat yourself (or your favorite reader) to Pretty Literate's 2023 Banned Book Box featuring the MOST BANNED BOOK IN AMERICA - the best bookish care package to stoke the flames (pun intended) of passion for Banned Books Week.

Hot Tip: This year's Banned Book Box is a complete 180* from last year! Different classic, different novel treasures, different vibe, different experience. I highly recommend it!


Host a Banned Books Breakfast (or lunch, or dinner) during Banned Books Week, gifting classics that have been frequently challenged or banned in the last century. (See "Be Social" above for a link to the top 100 books from which to pick.)

Hot Tip: Serve food & beverages mentioned in some of your favorite banned classics to add irresistible flair to your gathering.


Pick a classic Banned Book to read with your neighborhood Book Club during October. You can get a whole list of banned or challenged classics (along with why they were banned) at the American Library Association website.

Hot Tip: The ALA.org website is my favorite go-to website for classics when I'm feeling a little rebellious.


Donate gently used (or lavishly loved) classic Banned Books in your local Little Free Libraries. As a LFL Steward, I can attest that we love it when readers share their favorite books by donating to our Little Free Libraries.

Hot Tip: Check your local used bookstore's clearance section for cost-effective banned classics to donate. Then use this map to find LFL locations near you.


Spread the message of Banned Books Week everywhere you go by wearing some sweet SWAG. Proclaim I READ BANNED BOOKS or your belief that everyone should LET FREEDOM READ with these sweet tees (available only through October 7, 2023).

Hot Tip: There are a host of sweet Banned Books SWAG available through Etsy, Ebay, CafePress, Out of Print, and more (tho I am partial to the tees in my Banned Books Week pop-up shop).

Did you know?

Pretty Literate is offering a week-long event for #BannedBooksWeek across all of our social sites and you're invited to join us! Make sure to LIKE/FOLLOW now so that you can participate on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, and Pinterest both during #BannedBooksWeek and the weeks leading up to it.

What do you think?

Did any of these 7 Ways to Participate in Banned Books Week hit home? Share what you plan on doing for Banned Books Week this year in the comments - and let us know which book you're reading this year. (Psst! I hope it's the same banned book we're focusing on in our community-wide read-along!)



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  • I have been keeping a list of banned books for awhile. Gathering ideas from Velshi’s Banned Book series. I buy them slowly but want to have a section of my home library featuring them.

    Anne Gould

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