6 Times Librarians Got The Last Laugh

Let's try some basic visualization.

Ask yourself:

What comes into my mind when I think of librarians?

Yes, librarians.

Now, close your eyes. 

No, really. Close your eyes. That's the basic rule of visualization.

Close your eyes and think about the question.

Got a good mental image?

I will admit that the first image that pops into my head is sweet, timid Mary Bailey from It's A Wonderful Life.

The second is this lady.

I know, I know.

What did YOU visualize?

This week I want to give a nod to all the librarians out there that go against stereotype, the ones with a robust sense of humor.

Here's to the librarians that make us do a double-take, to the ones that get the last laugh.

 1. Passive-Aggressive Librarians

2. Ironic Librarians

3. Cheeky Librarians

4. Hungry Librarians

5. Pop Culture Loving Librarians

6. One-Liner Librarians

Here's to ALL the librarians who get the last laugh.

And thanks. Not only do you help broaden our minds, you brighten our days.

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