5 Great May Gift Ideas for the Pretty Literate People in Your Life

 May is a month full of celebrations, milestones, and gift-giving opportunities for so many.

Since we quickly sold out of our May gift box (Thank you to everyone for your enthusiastic response to the Jane Eyre Book Box!), I wanted to share 5 more great May gift ideas for the pretty literate people in your life.

1. Reading Logs

Reading logs are a great way to keep track of what you've read, what you want to read, books you've loaned out, books due, etc. This one has space for the book lover to record her thoughts on what she's read, as well. 

2. Rechargeable Reading Lamp 

Listen, reading in bed strains your eyes. This little reading lamp solves that problem. It is lightweight. It does not damage the book. It works on softcover and hardcover books alike. It has three different light levels. It is rechargeable. And it is the one I happen to own, so I am giving testimony that it's the best.

3. Personalized Embosser

One up the traditional gift of a book stamp with this awesome embosser with several options for personalization. Honestly, this has got to be the perfect teacher appreciation gift.

4. Bathtub Tray

Treat your reader to something that allows them to treat themselves like this expandable bathtub tray. The gift that keeps on giving for the reader that loves a good soak and a great book.

5. Page Weight

A page weight is ideal for people who enjoy reading while they eat, but it could also be useful for the mom feeding her baby, or anytime a reader needs to be hands-free.

Hope this helps with some of your May gift-giving. And you know, there's always plenty to love right here at Pretty Literate from jewelry to gift cards to apparel, I've got your covered any day of the year. Check out the collections here.

What's with the links?

They are Amazon affiliate links, but affiliate links do not affect your shopping at all. All they do is tell Amazon I referred you and Amazon will sprinkle pennies my way if you decide to buy. Father's Day is around the corner and I'm still trying to scape together enough affiliate pennies to treat the father of my five amazing minions to that cuppa joe.

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