22 in '22: A Completable Book Challenge for 2022

Remember when I shared my Bookish Year in Review, a light-hearted look at how I took my own advice with the 21 Books to Read in 2021?

This year I am challenging myself again with Pretty Literate's 22 in '22: A Completable Book Challenge for 2022. This Book Challenge is very personal to me because more than adventure (which is important to me in my choice of literature), I want to make strategic choices to help me become a more widely read person in 2022.

If that sounds appealing to you, too, I hope you'll join me for Pretty Literate's 22 in '22: A Completable Book Challenge for 2022.

(NOTE: I am a Founding Member of The Classics Community. Several of 2022's classics in The Classics Community will be chosen to coordinate with this book challenge, positioning our members for an easy win. See what makes The Classics Community so awesome by clicking here.)

Baby, it's cold outside! ❄️

Maybe. Those of us living in the south know the dream of a cold winter is a toss-up, which made this month's book choice super easy!

Note: This is one of two months this year in which you have only one book to complete as part of the challenge and that is:

🔲 A book that takes place in Winter

For those who want to challenge themselves further, I included a bonus book option:

🔲 A book you bought in 2021, but have not read...yet

I know it's customary to focus on love and relationships and things like that in February because of Valentine's Day, but what if we didn't this year. What if we embraced black authors and books focusing on black history instead? This month I challenge us to read:

🔲 A book written by a black author*

🔲 A book written about some aspect of black history*

March 20th heralds in Springtime in 2022. What better way to transition from Winter to Spring than with:

🔲 A book that takes place in the Spring

If you've been cooped up all Winter, Spring is the perfect time to venture back out! Your local library makes a magnificent destination. Visit yours and see if it has a "recommended" section - you know, a place where the librarians share their top picks with the patrons.

If yours does, pick:

🔲 A book from the library's recommended section, preferably with a title/author completely unfamiliar to you

(If yours does not, introduce yourself to one of the librarians and ask them for a recommendation from their section - and check one of his/her recommendations out to read.)

April showers provide the perfect setting for cozy indoor reads - the pleasant pitter-patter of rain on the roof, the spring showers meandering their way down window pane as you sip your favorite beverage in your favorite reading spot and enjoy some quality time with:

🔲 A book with a month in the title*

🔲 A book/series you've never read written by an author you already love

Did you know that the Pulitzer Prizes are announced in May this year? Let's celebrate this institution that has awarded some of our most beloved books by choosing not one, but TWO winners this month:

🔲 A book that has won the Pulitzer Prize within your lifetime

🔲 A book that won the Pulitzer Prize this year

Summer is a great time for reading! Whether you're traveling or staycationing this Summer, enjoy the extra hours of sunlight with: 

🔲 A book that is intimidating to you (time to tackle it!)

🔲 A book you've seen someone reading in public

What do you normally read during the Summer months? How about this year you pick: 

🔲 A book that takes place in the Summer*

🔲 A book by/about a contemporary public figure

Summer equals Summer Blockbusters! How many times have we enjoyed a movie that we later found began as a book? Same for television, for that matter. That's why this August we should read:

🔲 A book that was made into a movie (this year)

🔲 A book that was made into a television series (any year)

Have you ever read a book published the year you were born? I don't know, either! Let's make 2022 the year we ask and answer that question definitively by choosing:

🔲 A book published the year you were born

Last year I crowd-sourced a Western and discovered TWO SERIES that I am making my way through. Is there anything more satisfying to your curious mind than to fall in love with a book that you discover is actually the first in a series? Me, either! The second challenge this month is to read:

🔲 A book that is the first in a series

In 2021 I discovered a number of new titles & authors as well as explored two new genres that I immediately connected with through people I didn't know in real life (via Pretty Literate's social sites). This October, I encourage you to explore:

🔲 A book recommended by a stranger 

🔲 A mystery with a detective you have never read

People have different definitions for what constitutes classic literature. My own has morphed as I have matured. 

Note: This is the second of two months in 2022 in which you have only one book to complete as part of the challenge and that is:

🔲 A book that is widely considered a classic*

For those who want to challenge themselves further, I included a bonus book option:

🔲 A book that is a reimagined classic

I seldom read a book the same year it is published because 9 out of 10 of my books are bought in the clearance section of my local used bookstore and new releases seldom migrate there that quickly. Last year, however, I was initiated into the Icelandic tradition of Jolabokaflod - The Christmas Book Flood - and ended up reading two new releases that were sent to me via good ole snail mail.

Since I am now a hard-core advocate of The Christmas Book Flood, let's experience it (in part) by reading this December:

🔲 A book published in 2022

And because I know you see the same book covers over and over again like I do, I thought it would be great to end the year with:

🔲 A book that you've seen or heard mentioned all year long


I hope you'll join me for 22 in '22: A Completable Book Challenge for 2022. I'd love to hear how you're doing on the challenge, which books you've selected for each month, & new authors and titles you connected with throughout the year. Because I'm serious about the 22 in '22, we'll set aside time during Pretty Literate's Virtual Book Club each month to share - the 3rd Thursday of the month. I send the Zoom link via email and on the Facebook page. If you've not yet joined us on Facebook, click here to Follow. If you'd rather have an email reminder, sign up below. I promise not to spam you.

To help keep the challenge fresh in your mind, here is a free downloadable bookmark. It is a simple way to help you achieve your reading goals in 2022. (If you're in The Classics Community, don't worry about printing it. I will send your bookmark in February's box.)

Another way is to join us inside The Classics Community - a growing online community of readers just like you.


*denotes a book choice inside The Classics Community that month.


  • I’ve started my 22 in 22 and I’m happy to be able to do this challenge. Thanks for sharing, it sounds like fun.

    Amy O
  • This sounds like a very completable list! I have read some already that fit into the categories so it will be fun to try to find other books to fill those spots.

    Lynda A.
  • I’m just going to have to retire!

    Donna Oostdyk

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