13 Great Gift Ideas for the Bookworm that has Everything

Finding the perfect gift for everyone on your holiday shopping list can be so painful!

I have been feeling the seasonal stress all day, every day, lately. I have been back-burnering gift ideas for family members and friends like it is a full time job because, in the end, I know I want to give gifts that will hit each and every person on my "nice list" square in the festive feels.

You, too?

If you are stepping in that with me, or decision fatigue is starting to loom a little too large for your liking, or the holidays are just leaving you feeling more stressed than blessed this season, I hope you'll consider these 13 Great Gift Ideas for the Bookworm that has Everything

1. Monthly Book Club Membership

What it is: Pretty Literate has a Monthly Book Club for bookish people wanting to connect with classic authors, titles, and readers like themselves. With three levels of membership, there is a fit for every reader and budget.

Why they'll love it: When you read in community, you inevitably connect on a deeper level, both with the book and the people you are reading it with. Additionally, two of the three membership levels offer the perks of receiving monthly book boxes, both of which offer the bookworms on your list a little self-care throughout the year.

2. Nineteen Eighty-Four Book Box

What it is: Featuring one of the most banned books in America, George Orwell's novel is an eye-opening, must-read classic that is as trending today as it was when it was first published in 1949. This collector's edition classic is paired with two novel treasures created exclusively for this book box + a few delicious additions that pay homage to the appetites and experiences of the novel's hero!

Why they'll love it: While reading Orwell's Nineteen Eighty-Four, your favorite bookworm will enjoy noshing on a few of the items the main characters enjoyed, too!

3. Christmas at Thompson Hall Book Box

What it is: This book box features a collection of seasonal short stories published in a hardbound Christmas edition that is sure to land your favorite bookworm into the holly-jolliest time of year with a heartfelt ho-ho-ho.

Why they'll love it: Anthony Trollope's classic Christmas short stories are paired with one clever novel treasure that is "guaranteed" to give you an a-ha! moment as you read your way through the title short story + one to cherish as a keepsake + a third to make your winter reading delish. 

4. Laughing Boy Book Box

What it is: Full of family, community, and adventure, the Pulitzer Prize Winner inside this book box is destined to help your bookworm cultivate an attitude of gratitude throughout the holiday season. 

Why they'll love it: The writing is lyrical and lovely and the novel treasure paired with the novel is both beautiful and a wearable work of art.

5. The Picture of Dorian Gray Book Box

What it is: A gothicly good read for dark winter nights, this book box features Oscar Wilde's wild tale about a villain your bookworm will love to hate paired with a novel treasure she'll be proud to display on her shelves alongside it.

Why they'll love it: Not only is the novel moody and mysterious, the novel treasure is as one-of-a-kind as your bookworm.

6. A Separate Peace Book Box

What it is: Featuring John Knowles' 1959 coming-of-age classic, this book box is packed with nostalgia and the love of yesteryear your bookworm will love.

Why they'll love it: With the recent resurgence of the popularity of novels set during World War II, this classic written closer to the setting is a must-read for the period lover in your life.

7. To the Lighthouse Book Box

What it is: Seaside getaways. Family. Friends. This classic is perfect for destination readers who crave a holiday getaway.

Why they'll love it: Reading this classic feels a bit like getting away for an extended weekend full of big family dinners and loads of leisure time, and the novel treasure is so spot on your bookworm will wonder if it was plucked right off the Isle of Skye's pebble beaches.

8. Three Men in a Boat Book Box

What it is: This book box's classic provides the perfect vicarious vacation vibes - a little fun in the sun alongside your favorite friends floating down a lazy river in a book that remains as relevant today as it was when it was first published - over 100 years ago!

Why they'll love it: If your bookworm is traveling waterside (or just wants to!) during the holiday season, this novel + novel treasure make the perfect pairing for waterside reading.

9. A Caribbean Mystery Book Box

What it is: A Caribbean Mystery features Agatha Christie's beloved amateur armchair detective, Miss Marple, in the only novel in which the gumshoe travels abroad. Set in the sunny Caribbean, this book (and box!) his the holiday sweet spot for the bookworm longing for sunnier days.

Why they'll love it: Not only is the novel unique, but the novel treasure inside this book box is handmade by an artist inside our very own Monthly Book Club - one your bookworm will absolutely love!

10. The Optimist's Daughter Book Box

What it is: Eudora Welty's Pulitzer Prize-winning novel is a book that tugs at the heartstrings of family, community, connectedness, and the universal experiences of loss and grief.

Why they'll love it: It is relatable in every way and will leave your bookworm remembering their own loved ones via the customizable novel treasure. 

11. So Big Book Box

What it is: Edna Ferber's heroine (Selina) is someone we can all connect with and by the time your bookworm finishes the novel, she is sure to have found a new leading lady to admire.

Why they'll love it: Spunky, can-do main character paired with a novel treasure that will grow on her.

12. Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl Book Box

What it is: A slave narrative that reads like heartfelt fiction - all from the female perspective. This one is for your bookworms that love deep-feeling, emotional, redemption books.

Why they'll love it: Not only is the book engaging, educational, and relevant, the novel treasure represents the novel in a beautiful, wearable way.

13. Passing Book Box

What it is: The topic of passing (for white) in communities of color as told through three different perspectives.

Why they'll love it: Bookworms that love reading from a different perspective will savor this story set during the Harlem Renaissance. Plus, it is paired with a novel treasure that no bookworm should be without.

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The USPS deadline for Christmas delivery is December 16, 2023.

Most book boxes ship same-day. 

Every book box shipped after December 16 receives priority mail at no additional cost.

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