10 Reasons to Come Read With Us

I have spent the past couple of weeks enthusiastically sharing a better way to book.

I have shared both the benefits of classic literature and one simple way to add more of it into your reading rotation. 

I've created a few Tik Toks and a handful of Reels on Instagram and Facebook.

I've shared a ton of posts on social media, and I've even gone Live several times to talk about it.

Now, before the opportunity passes and the doors to our private community close for the foreseeable future, I thought I'd share one more time. This time is different, however, because this is not a list of reasons I've compiled explaining why I think you'd love our little community and how you would benefit from reading with us (though I think you will). This does not contain compelling research indicating your brain will be better off reading the classics with us (though I think it will). And there is no emotional plea to take that leap I know you feel deep in your gut to join us (though I think you should).

Why? Simple. These aren't my reasons why you should come read with us at all. These are thoughts from real book club members on why they think you should come read with us -

  • readers just like you that were sitting where you are sitting right now.
  • readers just like you that were on the fence before they decided to follow their gut.
  • readers just like you that took the leap, joined us, and have delighted in their decision ever since.

How has our growing literary community impacted our members? I'll let them tell you themselves.

If you're on the fence about joining us inside the Monthly Book Club, I hope you'll consider these 10 Reasons to Come Read With Us from readers just like you.

Rather Watch?

Simon chatted with some of our Monthly Book Club members earlier this week during Pretty Literate Live. I invite you to watch the replay here and get another glimpse at what makes the Pretty Literate community so special.

Have Questions?

Email me at ericka@prettyliterate.com. I'd love to hear from you and answer any questions you have.

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