10 Clues to Our Newest Seasonal Book Box

Since I've been sprinkling clues to the featured novel in our newest Seasonal Book Box across our social platforms for over a week, I thought you might enjoy one more opportunity to don your deerstalker and engage your deductive powers to correctly guess the title.

(Of course, if you'd rather skip the super fun sleuthing and go straight to the title, you can click here.)

BUT I hope you'll stay put and play along for a minute as I give you 10 Clues to Our Newest Seasonal Book Box.

Are you ready?

Clue 1

This first clue might be the only clue you need. It is probably one of the most famous quotes from the novel - "The game is afoot." If it sounds familiar, but you just can't place it, move on to Clue 2.

Clue 2

This month's novel features a central character known for critical thinking + problem solving. 

Clue 3

In case it isn't yet obvious, the genre is MYSTERY.

Clue 4

This novel begins and ends in London, though the middle majority is set elsewhere.

Clue 5

This novel features a lot of mythology and legend, including the fact that it is widely believed that there is a curse upon the family in this book.

Clue 6

This one might leave you scratching your head if you haven't yet read this classic. If so, put a pin in this one and come back later for it. It's clever. I promise.

Clue 7

Here's another quote, this one not as famous as the first but every bit as important in presenting you with a helpful mind picture of one of the characters.

Clue 8

While a stand-alone clue, you could probably form a wider picture if you combined it with Clue 5. (Blanks are names I omitted for obvious reasons.)

Clue 9

This is another of the most famous quotables from the featured novel - "I presume nothing." What about you? Do you presume to know which author and title will be featured in this Seasonal Book Box? Just one more clue to go...

Clue 10

If you think you've figured out the author, this clue might help you hone in on the exact title. Which of his works do you think he'd describe as "a real creeper?"

Let's Recap

The newest Seasonal Book Box will feature: 

🔍 a mystery that will require some critical thinking and problem solving

🔍 a book that begins/ends in London, but is set elsewhere

🔍 some mythology

🔍 a curse

🔍 memorable quotes

Think you've guessed it?


  • Can wait to get this. It has been decades ago that I read it.

  • I guessed it and I am so excited to get it!

  • I guessed it at the first clue! One of my favorite detectives! This box looks very interesting.


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